"When I tell you when it will be completed, it will be finished on or before that date, 100% of the time."

Corey Greenwald, Owner

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Hard Milling Solutions
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We specialize in forging dies, plastic injection molds, powdered metal punch forms, medical dies and tooling, rib cutting and anything 3D.
We use Makino V series machines, which we believe to be the fastest and most accurate in the world.

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Hard Milling Solutions, Inc.
107 Peyerk Court
Romeo, Michigan 48065
Phone: 586-336-9737
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The Hard Milling Imperative
Corey Greenwald “gets it.” He understands that hard milling is becoming an essential capability for shops producing plastic injection molds. He understands how to perform hard milling operations effectively…  More

High Performance Hard Milling
Talk about doing things the hard way. Corey Greenwald is an engineer by training. In the past, he worked for a typical mold and die shop as a designer…  More